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What is "Can it Game?"
"Can it Game?" is a tool that was created to reduce the complexity of choosing a good PC for less experienced buyers. For the non-computer-savy, navigating the PC market can be a hostile experience; large retailers often charge extortionate amounts for basic computers, while smaller independent outlets tend over-promise the capabilities of the products they sell. It can also be confusing for inexperienced consumers to gather reliable information due to the rapid pace of the computing industry, and the differences in component pricing across borders.

This tool aims to interpret online market listings, and tell you about a PC in a more general, understandable manner. Are the components up to scratch? Is the retailer trying to upsell you? Is it going to play you or your child's favourite game for them, or will it splutter about and become a wasted purchase? You could maybe figure this info out for yourself, but it would involve wading through dozens of potentially sponsored and contradictory articles for every computer you look at, written for an audience who understands the terminology being used like a second language.

This tool is based exclusively on the Ebay platform. This is for a variety of reasons (of which many are needlessly technical), however it is important to note that buying a new PC is like buying a new car - it's very unlikely that you need one that's brand new. Desktop PCs are built to be incredibly reliable and can run for decades before they need to be replaced, but this doesn't stop people buying the "next best PC" after only a year of owning one. Because of this, we wanted this tool to have access to a large market of second hand PCs to help provide you with the best deals, making Ebay a great fit. Note that more than 80% of listings on Ebay nowadays are selling new products anyway, so if you are set on picking up new hardware, this is still a great tool to use.
Awesome Gaming PC
Price: £400, Condition: Used
Seller: Rejestionator (Rating 99%)